"What a Wonderful Window" in Ireland

In the 2nd year of our Project we:

  • Hosted a Transnational Meeting in Oristown.

  • Held"An Evening of Music, Song and Dance" featuring the First Public Performance of "The Comenius Polka"

Press Report.
The rafters of Gibbstown Hall were raised last Tuesday night such was the thunderous standing ovation for the outstanding performances given by the students of Oristown National School.
The evening, which celebrated music, song and dance from around Europe, included the performance of a Norwegian Waltz, an Estonian polka, Portuguese Fado music and an O’Neill’s March. But it was the premiere of “The Comenius Polka” which was written, arranged, played and danced by the students of 4th, 5th and 6th class that left the audience most impressed.
The night was held as part of the ongoing Comenius Project, a three-year programme during which schools across Europe come together to learn more about each other’s language, culture and daily life. As part of this project teachers and students from Norway, Turkey, Estonia, Italy and Portugal have come to Kells to experience the workings of Irish schools first hand.
“Oristown pupils are very proficient in music and they used their prodigious talents to write the anthem for this project,” explained school principal Marion Rogan. “This anthem will then become the official anthem of our Comenius Project and will be taught and played in our partner schools.”
Aud Hovsveen Hallum, a teacher from Norway who is taking part in the project, admitted to be stunned by the standard of performances on the night. She said she has thoroughly enjoyed her stay in Kells.
“The people I have met here are lovely, very open and very friendly,” said Aud. “They have welcomed us all into their homes which is wonderful. The visit has been a success from the minute we arrived. The pupils and teachers of Oristown School are so hard working and always trying to do their best. The concert tonight is an example of that. It was just excellent.”
School inspector John Fitzgerald has witnessed first hand the benefits the Comenius Project brings and is hopeful more schools will get involved.
“It brings the whole school community together, the teachers, pupils and parents,” enthused John. “It brings great vibrancy to children’s learning and is a great source of professional development for teachers.
The night ended with a lively traditional ceili which saw pupils, teachers, parents and the visiting teachers and students from across Europe do a gig and a reel and join hands in friendship.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Meeting in Turkey

external image IMG_0488.JPG
Pupils in Turkey entertain teachers from Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Estonia and Norway.
They played recorder and danced the boys danced Turkish dances.
external image bTLin.gifexternal image IMG_0472.JPG
The visit to Turkey was a wonderful experience.
We enjoyed meeting the students and the local Community.
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